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IP TV and Central Satellite Systems

Central TV and IP TV systems ensure the centralized distribution of TV broadcasts to each user in various areas such as tourism facilities, healthcare institutions, residential areas, and educational institutions. Atlastek Security Technologies specializes in the integration and implementation of these technologies.

Through the central TV system, there is no need for a separate satellite dish for each user, which provides an aesthetic appearance and prevents image clutter. Users can receive signals from various satellite systems equally and in high quality. These systems can be effectively utilized in various settings such as:
Residential areas such as apartments, residences, sites, and lodgings
Tourism facilities such as hostels, hotels, and resorts
Healthcare institutions including clinics, hospitals, and healthcare organizations
Educational institutions like schools, dormitories, and university campuses
IP TV systems, on the other hand, are another technology that provides television services over advanced internet protocols. IP TV provides users with an interactive television experience while ensuring high-quality image and sound transmission. Atlastek also provides installation, maintenance, and support services for IP TV systems.

With IP TV and Central Satellite Systems, users can easily access various channels and content, enriching their viewing experiences. Atlastek Security Technologies aims to meet the needs and expectations of users by offering innovative and effective solutions in these areas.

These security technologies provide many advantages such as energy efficiency, low cost, and ease of use. Atlastek Security Technologies aims to protect the future of its customers by producing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

IP TV and Central Satellite Systems, through the effective, reliable, and innovative solutions offered by Atlastek Security Technologies, facilitate and enrich the lives of users.

ip tv and central satellite systems


SMA TV and IPTV systems refer to two different technologies used for television broadcasting. SMATV is a traditional system based on satellite broadcasting, which offers an effective solution especially in areas with no internet access. It is preferred by national channels due to its ability to broadcast to large geographical areas. Even in regions with limited internet access, effective broadcast flow can be ensured as it does not require internet. It is also less expensive compared to digital television systems.

IPTV systems conduct digital broadcasting over the internet, providing high-definition broadcasts and personalized content to users. Hospitality establishments such as hotels can provide customized broadcasting options using this system. IPTV also offers the option for users to record broadcasts and watch them later, but continuous internet connection is required for uninterrupted broadcast, which can sometimes lead to interruptions.

Purposes of SMA TV

The purposes of SMA TV vary. Firstly, SMA TV systems are used to distribute satellite broadcasts to large geographical areas, making them a popular choice for national television channels. This system can also be preferred in areas with no or limited internet access, as it can distribute broadcasts without internet. Large organizations and companies can use SMA TV systems when they want to control their cable systems and broadcast volume. With SMA TV systems, for instance, a media company can pre-determine broadcast flow, channel lineup, and similar variables. SMA TV systems are often used in different accommodation facilities such as apartments, hotels, or hospitals, to ensure that the same channels are watched in a specific area. The main goal here is to reduce costs and provide an effective broadcast flow.

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