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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems encompass technological solutions developed to regulate entries and exits to all types of areas. In modern times, the term 'access control system' typically refers to computer-supported systems, including electronic card-based access or biometric technologies (such as fingerprint, palm vein, iris scanning, etc.). Access control systems can be effectively used in various locations and institutions, from small offices to universities and government offices. The various features offered by access control systems provide security teams with both top-level performance in security and operational efficiency. Additionally, access control systems have the capacity to actively and continuously monitor all entry and exit movements within a specific area or campus.

Card Access and Turnstile Systems

In areas with high traffic or in VIP services, frequently used card access control systems and turnstile systems, combined with modern sensor technology, offer a fast and reliable access experience. These access control systems, which are extremely practical solutions for both registration and control, do not harm the aesthetics of the space thanks to their design diversity.

Biometric Entry Systems: Fingerprint and Face Recognition

Fingerprint technology, often preferred in access control systems, offers a top-level security guarantee. Face recognition technology, evaluated in the biometric category, is used both for access control and for personnel tracking; it is also an ideal option for high-security requirements.

Biometric access control systems offer secure access without requiring a card or password, especially when traditional access control methods (PIN codes, keys, cards, etc.) are insufficient. They are preferred in areas like government institutions, health centers, workplaces, educational institutions, and residential projects.

Atlastek Security Technologies collaborates with many leading brands in the industry regarding card access systems and access control systems. Some of these brands and their prominent features:

Access Control Systems


Recognized as an industry standard, this company is known for its cloud-based access control systems and video surveillance solutions. Genetec provides flexible and scalable solutions, serving many sectors from large enterprises to small businesses.


A globally recognized brand, Honeywell offers security solutions with a wide product range. It particularly stands out in integrated security systems, automation, and fire alarm systems.


One of the industry leaders in access control system hardware. With innovative and customizable hardware solutions, it offers products tailored to different sectors and needs.


A company specialized in electronic identity verification and access control. It is known for various products such as smart cards, access solutions for mobile devices, and biometric recognition systems.


Rosslare, particularly known for its RFID solutions, possesses a wide portfolio of access control systems. It offers reliable and user-friendly solutions suitable for both simple and complex projects.

Atlastek, with the products and solutions provided by these pioneering brands, integrates your existing access control systems with personnel attendance control systems, facilitating your transition to modern PDKS systems. Moreover, thanks to its excellent integration capability with ERP and human resources systems, we offer daily, monthly, annual, and custom reporting solutions for institutions.

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