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Alarm Control Center

All signals belonging to the alarm panel you have are monitored by professional operators 7 days and 24 hours, determining the authenticity of the signal and the content of the problem, and informing the authorized persons or units in case of alarms. are systems. In case of need, it provides the necessary intervention as soon as possible by calling the relevant law enforcement forces, fire department, police and health units.


The T.R. It is an institution authorized by the Ministry of the Interior. Your subscribers All employees in this center, where information and documents are kept confidential, have passed a security investigation and started their duty by making the necessary notifications to the Police Department.

In the case of theft, fire, gas leakage, flood, sabotage or natural disaster in the alarm control center, the signals coming from the alarm panels are evaluated and the system official, law enforcement, private security unit or health institutions are informed about the situation as soon as possible and intervention is ensured.

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